Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow, Time and I

Memorial Drive... Posted by Picasa

Sitting in Haydan library, I try to look back and remember all the evenings I have spent in different libraries.. From Tehran University, to the library of Shariati hospital when I had to present my patient in the morning report of the following day, to Bodleian library in Oxford and those ancient staircases, to St Peters' library with those leather top desks, to now Haydan library at MIT. It looks like a lifetime I have spent in libraries, preparing for exams, working on projects; Or else, it rather seems to me like lifetimes of different people who I have been and have become. It has been snowing over the weekend and the campus is dressed in white. I look at Charles River through the window, and cannot help looking at my life. Maybe it is the white and serene beauty of snow which has made me feel like this. For some reason, I feel so grateful today, for happiness is about enjoying what you do even when you have to work hard, about feeling the love of your family even when you miss them most, and about knowing that every single moment of your life is as guaranteed as this beautiful snow, you never know until when it will be there.
The hot cup of Latte in my hands reminds me how warm one is able to feel in the midst of freezing cold days ...


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