Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New Resolutions?

" Some people settle down.
Some people settle.
And some refuse to settle for less than butterflies.."

Words are becoming elusive, just as answers are. Questions though, hanging in there, are all over me. It is the first night of January 2006, and I cannot help but wonder who is really becoming through me. There is alway a blank word in every beautiful phrase that life grants you, one that you need to fill in. I wonder what I have to make of these tender moments of the first night of January 2006, when my entire life is out there, right in front of me, "Waiting for Godot" in silence and in awe...
At this very night of early 2006, I refuse to settle for anthing less than what feels right. I refuse to give in to fears. I refuse to mistake living with breathing. Instead, I pray for serenity and courage -always coming together. I pray for laughter and tears that mean something. I pray for peace -in me and in the world I live in. I pray for remaining grateful. I pray for open eyes and an open heart. I pray for love, friendship, creation and truth. Above all, I pray for honesty -with myself more than ever.

Happy 2006, May it -and all the years- be what I won't regret.


At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're too emotional, then again you're a woman. it's your blessing and it's your curse. it's your blessing cuz it gives you the essence and the spirit for writing, it's your curse cuz it fogs your sight every now and then and cuz it makes you fragile. it's a fucked up world, still. fragile ones won't last long to make any changes. it ain't pretty and it ain't poetic, but it's the fucking truth.


p.s: tu aimeras Brahms

At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

salam orkide jan,
man har az chand gahi neveshte haye ghashange to mikhoonam, va gahi vaghean nemifahmam,
baram on jomle avvalet ro be farsi migi ke'some poeple settle....' albbatte agar doost sashti.
sarat garmo delat khosh


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