Friday, May 12, 2006


Displaced on and on, the Diaspora is granted a space to Become, through challenges and hardships. There is nothing easy to it, but I am thinking to myself what a unique opportunity it could be, should one live it consciously. My home is not defined by those torturous lines on the World Map; rather, my home is my culture, is every culture, or else, it is the culture that I will create along the way. My home lives in me, wherever I go. This way, I belong everywhere. My identity rejects borders, the same way it embraces an ever-lasting love and concern for my homeland. How can I ever exclude human beings who do not speak my language or who do not know why my new year starts in March? In every language, in every culture and in every land, lies a space for a new “me” to become. Why should I ignore such an enriching moment?


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