Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No Words Is My Language...

There is a time zone
Beyond moments
There is a language
Beyond words
It is not Persian
It is not Greek or Spanish
It is not even English
It is the language of "moments",
And of a presence,
Floating in the air
Its words are soft,
-Yet moving
Its grammar is eternal,
-Yet unreachable
It is not spoken
But felt
It is not heard
But lived
And here I am
Unspoken, unheard,
But present, but lived
Lived along a moment, that is elusive
Present along a time,
Who is not on my side
It has never been,
It may never be,
Yet at the end of the day,
Time is a fallacy
Blind to its illusions
And life? An epiphany
Wherein you can speak a language of
-Unspoken words.

There are very few people who speak
The language of no words
Yet when they do,
Reach for the moment,
Or the moment will pass you by…

Sad? Maybe,
Yet sad is beauty,
Sad is the truth,
Sad is the essence of pure presence,
-felt to marrow-

Lasting? Never,
But eternal in me,
For the language of no words,
Is the one to be shared - along eternity-
With he who knows the word for silence

Stripped of words I am
Look! Look that other way
Where quietly disappears
A dream of hundred colors dancing in the twilight…

1:10 am, May 23rd 2006


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